‘Tactical Law’ – An Emerging Legal Field


Organizations dealing with crisis and emergency management and with tactical scenarios deal with the most extreme situations, situations where decisions are always measured with ‘legal tools’; but these those dealing with these situations rarely incorporate legal professionals in their decision-making process.


In recent years, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and other military forces throughout the world have been providing real-time legal counsel to their commanders in exercises and military operations in order to minimize liability.


Israel has taken this concept a step further and since 2006 requires certain organizations to have their personnel certified by pre-approved lawyers prior to providing them with search and detain powers. This training includes not only classroom instruction but also tactical simulations and drills.


Greater public access to information through mobile connectivity and the ability to gather evidence through the use of camera-equipped cell phones, have challenged the law enforcement and private security sectors and as a result created demand for ‘pre-incident law’ rather than ‘post-incident law’ leading to the implementation of military-style concepts in a new field of law, known as ‘Tactical Law’.


This new field of law has now become available in the civilian market through the Law Office of Perry Novotny, an Israel based law firm which specializes in security, tactical and emergency law.


Mr. Perry Novotny, an attorney licensed both in the state of New York and Israel and the firm’s owner, and managing director is an active reserve IDF JAG officer as well as a former IDF combat soldier and police officer with over fifteen years of experience in this new legal field.


Mr. Novotny’s firm has been providing legal training and consulting services to countless organizations in Israel and abroad since 2003 and is certified by the Israel National Police, Israel Security Agency and Israel Ministry of Defense.


Mr. Novotny and his team of attorneys, who all possess significant experience in relevant fields, incorporate their legal training (which can be tailored to specific issues and jurisdictions) into exercises and operations resulting in better decision making processes and reduced liability.


Please contact Mr. Novotny for more information at office@sec-law.co.il.


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